Trust & Safety

We are committed to bringing happiness to our users while creating a culture of trust, safety, and respect.

About Our Trust & Safety Program

Our Trust & Safety team is comprised of lawyers and engineers, as well data science, security, privacy, product, and various other technical experts. We receive and evaluate reports of abuse and violations reported from the client, OnZoom events pages, and the Zoom webpage. We work relentlessly to keep our users and our platform safe.

What Are We Doing to Keep Zoom Safe?

We have implemented various measures to keep Zoom vibrant and free from harm.

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Zoom and the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material

Content moderation. We accept and investigate user reports of abuse on our platform.

Our Community Standards. which govern conduct and content on the Zoom platform.

We evaluate and respond to government and law enforcement requests.

A tiered review system to ensure each reported case receives the proper care and attention that it requires.

A wide range of features users can enable and customize to help combat meeting disruptions.

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Trust & Safety FAQs